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Times of rapid change can also be times of great creativity. We face an ever-increasing hunger for the spiritual food that the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius can provide. However, the challenge of limited resources invites a bold new perspective, one that can meet these opportunities for spreading the Gospel through the Spiritual Exercises. Needed more than ever are a flexibility of approach along with an expansiveness of vision and a fuller partnership with the lay women and men who are already involved in giving the Spiritual Exercises, or who wish to do so.

To respond to this need, the Jesuit Provinces of Maryland, New England and New York have brought into being a new ministry, dubbed The Jesuit Collaborative, on July 31, 2006.

The Jesuit Collaborative serves as a network of persons and groups involved in Ignatian spiritual ministries from North Carolina to Maine, enabling them to share personnel, practices, programs and other resources, while providing the flexibility and cooperation required to engage the needs of our time. Among these needs are a new mission of outreach to groups who have not traditionally been served by the Jesuits, and the preparation of the next generation of directors, so as to ensure that the legacy of St. Ignatius can continue nourish the spiritual lives of many.