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Igantian Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life, Part 25

Mar. 21, 2016 – The Suffering and Death of Jesus

As you pray through the Passion and ask for the grace of compassion, consider how you are called to be more compassionate in the particulars of your own life. Ask: What invisible crosses do people bear? How can I help carry them? Who helps carry my own burdens? Who are the crucified peoples of our world today?

Ignatius invites us to consider how Jesus’ divinity “hides itself”. We must not easily explain away the suffering we encounter in the scripture passages. We must take Jesus’ humanity seriously enough to realize just how much he loves us. He remains faithful to his Father and the mission of the kingdom and accepts the very real consequences of that faithful obedience, which he does out of great love.

We pray for the grace to experience “sorrow with Christ in sorrow; a broken spirit with Christ so broken; tears; and interior suffering because of the great suffering which Christ endured for me” (Sp. Ex., 203)

Prayerfully read any or all of the following:

Luke 23: 1-25 (trial before Pilate and Herod)

Matthew 27:26-31 (crowning with thorns)

Luke 23: 26-32 (way of the cross)

Luke 23: 33-49 (Crucifixion)

- Adapted from "The Ignatian Adventure" by Kevin O'Brien, SJ (Loyola Press)