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A Reflection for Easter: The Gift of New Life

Mar. 26, 2016 - by Fr. George Witt, SJ, Executive Director

The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the central event of our Christian faith. Through it we are given a gift of immeasurable proportions, the gift of new life.

There is no cheap grace here. We are still not immune to the terrible effects of greed, jealousy, violence, or any of the many ways that people hurt one another. Neither are we immune to the ravages of nature, illness, or disease. Like Jesus, who entered fully into our human experience, we too come face to face with death’s power.

But the resurrection of Jesus is God’s answer to all of this. God loves us too much to allow these to destroy us. God loves the world too much to let it be swallowed up in sin. Easter marks the final victory over these powers, and it serves as a reminder that we are to relate to these unwanted things the same way that Jesus did in his Passion, namely, with faith, with hope, and with love. Through his resurrection, Jesus shows us once and for all that these are the path to life.

Of course, the gift of new life that we receive is to be shared with others. Once his disciples discovered that Jesus was alive, they became apostles, spreading the good news to all they encountered. So as we sing out our Alleluia’s this Easter, let this prayer of Jesuit Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini be ours:

Lord Jesus, we ask you now
to help us to remain with you always,
to be close to you with all the ardor of our hearts,
to take up joyfully the mission you entrust to us
and that is to continue your presence
and spread the good news of your Resurrection.

Have a blessed Easter!

For reflection:
How will I share the good news of the Resurrection with others?