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Helping People Grow Closer to God

Learn more about The Jesuit Collaborative and the impact it is having on people's relationship with God.

Two people share their experiences of Ignatian spirituality and how The Jesuit Collaborative helped bring them closer to God.
La Colaborativa Jesuita ha desarrollado programas para facilitar el acceso de la comunidad hispana a los Ejercicios Espirituales.

Prayer - An Online Series

Fr. James Martin, SJ, editor-at-large for America magazine faciliates discussions on prayer in TJC's new Google Hangout series.

James Martin, SJ in our most recent Google Hangout, What Happens When You Pray?
James Martin, SJ hosts our first Google Hangout on the topic, How Do You Pray.

The Spiritual Exercises

Reflections from Jim Conroy, SJ, and more on how The Jesuit Collaborative, through the Spiritual Exercises, can deepen your sense of faith and relationship with God.

Jim Conroy, S.J., shares his perspective on the Spiritual Exercises and The Jesuit Collaborative
TJC board members, friends and staff reflect on the Spiritual Exercises and The Jesuit Collaborative.
Four people reflect on their experiences of the Spiritual Exercises
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Directors Series

Experienced directors on TJC staff offer their insights on each of the four weeks of the Spiritual Exercises. While filmed primarily for directors, others may benefit from these presentations. (These are large files and may take time to load.)

Week One
Week Two
Week Three
Week Four